Songs for Sale

Welcome to Songs For Sale. To celebrate more than ten years of song writing we have put together Songs for Sale to showcase our range of works.

At Songs for Sale, songs are written with passion and emotion. Songs are based on an array of life experiences and the lyrics are open, honest and intimate.

Songs can be for music management companies and publishers who require songs for artists or to place in film, TV, games or any other project. Click here to listen to the full song list.

Click here to browse through our catalogue. If you find a suitable song for your project or would like to discuss a brief contact us today.

Songs of passion

At Songs for Sale our main focus is on passionate vocal melodies. Our songs of passion have heart and soul. Songs are written with meaning and inspired by experience, love, hopes and dreams.

At Songs for Sale we also offer song writing for artists. We can write to a given brief and collaborate with a selection of musicians, producers and co-writers to suit a variety of projects across many genres including soft rock, pop, alternative pop, dance, chill out, folk and country.

The  songs listed in the Songs for Sale current catalogue are written by Emma Ballard, New Age Writer and founder of Songs for Sale.

Songs have been written and recorded between 2004 and the current day. New songs are written often. Individual songs have been signed exclusively and non-exclusively to record labels (Scotty Divine, Paint A Picture, Ever Wondering and Come Closer), and most of the catalogue has been signed non-exclusively to publishers. Happy As A Hyena and Scotty Divine were runners up in the UK Song Writing Contest.

If we create or discover great art we believe it’s our duty to share it, spread the word and give talented artists the opportunity to make their mark in the industry or add value to their brand.

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