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JPEG-Song LogoAt Songs For Sale we specialise in song writing. Our catalogue of songs are available for purchase across genres; pop, alternative pop, country/folk and uplifting dance.

Songs For Sale

Songs For Sale was launched in January 2015. We are offering a selective range of songs from our back catalogue. Songs in the catalogue have been written between 2004 and the current day. As well as offering songs off the shelf, we also collaborate or write to a brief.

We are open to all types of arrangements and may consider selling particular songs with their copyrights!

Speculate to Accumulate!

Purchasing a song with its copyrights means you can potentially turn a song you own into several millions of Dollars, Pounds, Yen or quite frankly any currency you like! Obtaining the copyrights also means you can do anything with the song and change it in any way you please giving you full creative freedom.emma ballard song writer tree photo

If you’ve got the contacts, the marketing skills and the artists or publishers ready to go, what are you waiting for? Purchasing songs with their copyrights is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you will find very few songwriters offering such song selling arrangements.

Ownership is Everything!

It’s much like owning a piece of art. You buy a song and it’s completely yours. If anyone wants to sing it, sync it or publish it, you will reap the royalties for years to come. A song will appreciate in value.

Leaving a Legacy!

Then, when you retire from life and leave this planet, your family can continue to reap the rewards of those royalties. A song is a legacy; something you can leave behind for future generations to remember you along with song royalties.

Selling songs with Copyrights

Yes, perhaps some may view selling copyrights a crazy thing to do, after all we could be handing over a gold mine for a fraction of the price. We don’t see it that way. We know there are plenty more songs where they came from.

There’s amazing talent both young and old who need quality material more than we need them sitting in our library. Besides, there are heaps more songs where they come from, at least another 60 years worth in fact!

Giving up the day job!

If you accumulate enough, you can make a passive income from royalties. Buying a song outright means you are purchasing something of great value that’s yours 90 years after your death.

Buying songs, pitching a few here and there making a few millions it sounds relatively easy doesn’t it? That’s because if you know the industry, you know what a brilliant opportunity it is to buy a song with their copyrights.

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