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Need A Songwriter to write new songs for an artist? Or just need a person to bring fresh ideas to a song writing project? With many songs, vocal melodies and lyrics can be tweaked and improved to enhance a song and straight away make it more commercially viable. It’s a tough business and you need the best possible product no matter how good the artist! At Songs For Sale songwriters available for hire include:

Songwriter available;

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Emma Ballard is a multi-genre singer, songwriter and lyricist based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Writing bluesy pop, alt pop, country, dance and chillout with lyrical depth and quality, Emma has written over 100 songs to date and has collaborated and recorded with several rhythm guitarists, keyboard players and producers around the world in London, Auckland, Brisbane and the Gold Coast since 2003.

Hire song writer Emma Ballard for your project today, call 0434 899 077.

Emma Ballard Songwriter is available on a project by project basis;

  • Song commissions
  • Collaborations and co-writing
  • Artist songwriting support
  • Lyric writing and support
  • Song writing arrangement support
  • Personal songs for loved ones

The songs for sale are honest, modern songs with meaningful lyrics.

“Emma’s edge as a song writer is the ability to put vocal melodies and lyrics to music across many genres”. 

Emma Ballard’s songs have previously been signed to two independent labels and signed to several music publishers (licensing / syncing agreements) in the US, Canada and the UK.

Songs are available from an existing catalogue or songs can be written to a brief. Samples of the catalogue are available to hear on this website. CLICK HERE to view the catalogue.

Emma Ballard is a lyricist (lyric writer) and a song writer and can be hired for a project of any size. If you are a composer who wants to put lyrics to your works or if you need help writing lyrics for a song, a lyricist can assist.

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Back Right Up Music Lyrics
Back Right Up Music Lyrics
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Being Me Music Lyrics
Being Me Music Lyrics
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If you are looking for something specific CLICK HERE to contact Emma Ballard on +61434 899 077 directly through Songs For Sale and find out more about our song writing services.

Emma Ballard continuously writes, performs originals and occasionally covers in a duo. CLICK HERE to view Emma’s FaceBook Performance Page.