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Ever Wondering

This song has got punch and would suit a power vocals. It has a good dance beat but it’s versatile as a rock song or pop song.

It’s about being free to go where you want, to wherever that is and learning along that path. Wanting to be free in someones arms, wanting freedom, not caring less about designer labels.

Happy As A Hyena

Think the writing style of Missy Higgins and combine that with the mellow Irish sound of the Corrs and this is what this track Happy as a Hyena sounds a little like. It may get you thinking and it’s cute.


The Prophets

The Prophets is about how people interpret their teachings (exactly how they want to) and in a nut shell what are we doing here? If we have fears aren’t they challenges we have set ourselves to overcome otherwise why would we have them?


Protected is about having an energetic barrier up around our heart so we don’t get hurt oh and this makes us likely to stay single a long while. The song focuses on consciously breaking those barriers.


Reverie is a little bit rocky and about a stage that’s ready and waiting causing the performer to go into a state of ‘Reverie’.

Fool For Anyone

Fool For Anyone is about unrequited love (get the tissues out!!).

Paint A Picture

Paint a Picture started off as a rock song but ending up being a dance track after passing through Great Music recording studios. It is about a way of viewing the world and are we always expanding?

Which Way Home

Which Way Home is about love triangles, liking and yearning for someone who is not at all available – yikes!

Come Closer

Come Closer is ‘dancey’ about liking and connecting with a stranger on an intuitive level.


Mysterious is about a slightly annoying person who is a bit mysterious and seems to be inspiringly on track.

End Of The Pier

End of the Pier was first written on Brighton Beach, England in 2003. It was first recorded in London in 2004 and re-recorded on the Gold Coast in 2011 about journeying through life.

Back in Town

Back in Town is a deliberately commercial teeny boppy pop song about a subject being ‘back in town’ and all the excitement that brings!

Connecting Me So High

Connecting Me So High is about our connection with higher realms.

Friend Of Mine

Friend Of Mine is a pop song about being lucky enough to have and value great friendship.

More Than This

More Than This is about wanting more than what we’ve got right now and being further along on our path to success and happiness.


Respect is about self-esteem learning to respect yourself and the right to command it from others.

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